White label browser

Create your own branded browser by implementing white labeling, which allows you to customize it with a variety of optional features and enhancements

Give your users a premium, branded private browsing experience that’s uncompromised by ads, trackers and other distractions. Pick and choose the features you want to include to create the perfect package
Custom launch screen
Customize the initial page view for your users when they open the app
Custom application icon and naming
Customize the app icon and name to your liking and brand the browser as you please
Enable/disable extra features
Pick and choose which features you want to include in your browser
Custom backgrounds and colors
Make the browser your own by selecting your own colors and backgrounds
Regular updates and technical support
Get continued technical support to keep your browser secure, up to date and running smooth

Unique Crypto Wallet by Aloha

Integrate our feature-packed Crypto Wallet into your app or ecosystem, or use it as a standalone app on Android and iOS platforms

Our crypto wallet combines convenient, simple, and intuitive design and functionality with a full feature set. That includes support for EVM-compatible cryptocurrencies, meaning you can offer your users a wallet capable of integrating with a wide variety of popular networks
Its flexibility in customization means it can be tailored to the specific requirements of your ecosystem and showcase your brand's individuality. And there are plenty of useful tools you can include too
Token and NFT verification, anti-spam / scam
Filter tokens and NFTs to stop scams and spam in their tracks
Advanced transaction history
Let users keep track with an overview including a filterable and searchable transaction history
Full NFT support
Provide the full Web3 experience with wide support for popular NFTs
Push notifications
Keeps users informed about transactions and other events with notification support


With our VPN SDK, you can seamlessly integrate a powerful VPN service into your app and provide your users with a no-log private experience with all the features you could need

We offer the necessary infrastructure for a reliable virtual private network solution with premium features to enhance the user's browsing experience
256-bit AES encryption with DNS leak protection
Get military-grade encryption with enhanced protection from DNS leaks
Guaranteed no log or data collection
Keep data private with VPN protection that doesn't keep tabs on user activity
80+ server locations
Access server locations from around the globe
Autostart and always-on protection
Ensure non-stop protection with built-in fail-safe in case of disruption
Ongoing updates and technical support
Ensure ongoing support in case of issues and get updates for the best experience

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